• Fundamentals of the Swaminarayan sect, established by the Supreme Lord Swaminarayan are holiness and precept of religion. In order to observe these fundamental characteristics of the Swaminarayan sect, eternally, which themselves give dignity to the sect, five religious vows for saints and five religious vows for household devotees are commanded by Lord Swaminarayan.

  • To act according to the ideals, doctrines and commandments of Lord Swaminarayan itself is the greatest service and highest level of devotion to god. Main ideals and doctrines are observing celibacy and detachment from worldly desires. Shreeji Maharaj expressed his own liking in 33rd Vachanamrut of Gadhada middle chapter saying, “If a person firmly observes the vow of non-lust, he is always near to me, even if I go thousands of miles away from him physically; and who lacks in observing this non-lust vow is millions of miles away from me even though he is physically staying with me.”

  • Moreover, in the 50th Vachanamrut of the Gadhada middle chapter Shreeji Maharaj says, “Only those devotees who are detached from worldly desires are my beloved devotees. This is the secret of my heart.”

  • When Shreeji Maharaj disguised as Nilkanth Varni came to Lojpur for the first time, he stayed at the ashram of Sadguru Ramanand Swami. The house of a barber was adjacent to the ashram. The wall between the house and the ashram was common. One fissure had been made in the wall of the kitchen of the ashram, so that the wife of the barber could provide fire to the saint, through that hole. She used to provide fire through the hole for convenience of the saints.

  • The intention was bonafide, but time does not remain always the same. Future generation of the ashram and those of the house might not be as bonafide as the generation of that time and consequently it might lead to breach in observation of vows of saints. In view of this, Nilkanth Varni said to saints, “This is not just a hole in the wall but hole (breach) in the observation of religious percepts. The religion should be pure and pious.”

  • Thus he expressed His liking and He Himself, got the fissure filled up. On the next day, Sadguru Muktanand Swami entered the gate of the place near the ashram, where assembly of devotees was held. Men and women were sitting together and listening to the religious discourse. At that time Nilkanth Varni said to Muktanand Swami, “Swami, percepts of religion cannot be observed, if men and women listen to discourse sitting together. Therefore, make separate sitting arrangement for women in the assembly.”

  • Sadguru Ramanand Swami entrusted the religious reins of the sect to Shreeji Maharaj and He established the genuine, supreme Swaminarayan Sect. Shreeji Maharaj wanted to lead the whole society to live the life in accordance with His own ideals and doctrines. So He decided to change the tradition of staying of ascetic women and saints together, which continued since the times of Atmanand Swami. Harbai and Valbai were called and commanded, “The religious vows cannot be observed when saints (male) and ascetic women stay together. Hence, from today onwards don’t stay with the group of saints and from new group of ascetic women and stay in that group only.”

  • Since then, the groups of ascetic women were separated as commanded by Shreeji Maharaj. It has been the resolve of Shreeji Maharaj for 225 years, “I want to form divine society of men and women who should be vigilant in observation of my commandments and resolute in my Upasna.” It transpires that H.D.H. Bapji has taken up the cudgels to fulfill this divine resolve of the God. H.D.H. Bapji incarnated on the earth as resolved by Sankalpmurti Jeevanpran Abjibapashri, and was blessed by Sadguru Muni Swami Keshavpriyadasji. He earned inner pleasure of Muni Swami. He is embodiment of saintliness. With the divine blessings of H.D.H. Bapji, ascetic woman stay in group separate from the group of male saints as commanded by Shreeji Maharaj under the direct leadership of Rev. Jaguben in SMVS. This woman saints are engaged in various spiritual and social activities in the society of woman. In SMVS ascetic women live in separate places, which are called “Bhakti Niwas”

Following are the auspicious aims of making such type of separate arrangement:

To fulfill the resolve of the Supreme God as is being done by the male members in the sect and to form the society of woman with divinity and free from vices.

By making separate arrangement for woman. All men and women are in a position to become worthy of the pleasure of the God, independently by the might of the God, Himself. • Ascetic and householder, ladies and gents can vigilantly observe their respective code of conduct and maintain the modesty between men and women and thereby live such life as would please the God.

To mould the lives of woman in the society so as to live the divine life with the only resolve to please God in any case.