• In Swaminarayan sect, just as men devotees are entitled to renounce the world and become ascetic, similarly women devotees are also entitled to renounce the world and become ascetic, and become devoted at the feet of the supreme God.

  • Some young girls and women, inspired by Satsang resolved to be dedicated at the feet of Supreme God, in the fellowship of women devotees after renouncing the world. As the time passed, in SMVS; creation of category of woman ascetics (Mahila saint) became necessary for the detached young girls and women. Thereafter, the unit of “Bhakti Niwas” was established with the auspicious purpose of building fellowship of woman also, who lived divine life, impeccable pious and free from vices, in accordance with the grand resolve of the Lord Swaminarayan, and live at place separate from the residence of male saints and can please the Lord Swaminarayan. On 22/2/2001 the first unit of the “Bhakti Niwas” was established at Vasna in Ahmadabad. Thereafter second unit was established at Gandhinagar. Thus, number of units of Bhakti Niwas increased day by day.

  • At present there are 20 ascetics staying in “Bhakti Niwas” with 34 samarpit and aajeevan sevaks who have dedicated their whole life for the sake of God, in which all these dedicated ascetic women live the life in accordance with the ideals and resolves of Lord Swaminarayan, under the divine leadership of senior ascetic Rev. Jaguben.

Units of “Bhakti Niwas” established at various places for women ascetics.

  • Swaminarayan Dham - Gandhinagar • Shri Swaminarayan Temple – Vasna
  • Shri Swaminarayan Temple – Isanpur • Shri Swaminarayan Temple – Mehsana
  • Shri Swaminarayan Temple – Vijapur • Shri Swaminarayan Temple – Godhar
  • Satsang Hall – Ghatlodiya
  • Satsang Hall – Naroda
  • Satsang Hall – Vadodara
  • Satsang Hall – Ghanshyamnagar
  • Satsang Hall – Kalol
  • Satsang Hall – Surendranagar
  • Satsang Hall – Viramgam
  • Satsang Hall – Malpur

    Satsang pervade in various countries by Mahila ascetics as under: