Spiritual Activities  

In today’s vicious environment of sensual pleasures, SMVS organization has been striving hard continuously through its various spiritual activities to preserve the Indian civilization and culture eternally.

Woman has special role to play in the society. She builds the character of her child so as to make him\her civilized and cultured. The child is the prospective citizen of this country hence ,various, virtues such as faith devotion, culture, politeness, respect for others, patience, adventure, sacrifice, hard work and uniformity of words, thought and conduct are inculcated in the woman so as the various activities undertaken with such high ideals and resolve.

Special status of ascetics has been created so that woman also can have benefit of direct communion with woman ascetics. Under the direct leadership of these woman ascetics, spiritual virtues are inculcated in the society of woman at 25 centers through 350 child, youth and woman groups. More than 1000 woman volunteers and organizers have joined these groups to look after these activities. Digvijay mandal of SMVS organizes every year more than 400 weekly assemblies of devotees and over 15000 women avails themselves of the spiritual knowledge in these assemblies and thereby lead their lives to divinity. Over 1000 volunteers and devotees dedicate over 53500 man hours for the promotion of Satsang and lead the devotee to live divine life.

In order to create peaceful environment full of devotion in each and every house in the society throughout the country, woman ascetics and volunteers perform “Divine Peace Yagna” and this activity is going on vigorously and ceaselessly, through which “Divine Peace Yagna” has been performed in over 12240 houses, since 1988. As a result of these “Divine Peace Yagna” today thousands of home and family live peaceful and happy life.

In view of the tradition of Swaminarayan sect every year during four months of monsoon (chaturmas) woman ascetics organizes Bhakti Katha (religious discourses) in about 56 centers in which important aspects of the life of a woman are empowered. During chaturmas 13000 women avail of these discourses zealously in Bhakti Katha.

In order to kindle profound devotional love to God and to progress on the path of worship, various spiritual activities of worshipping the God such as akhand Jap, writing of mantra, chanting on rosary, reading of scriptures etc. In the year 2006 during “Vachanamrut Mahotsav” 5750 times the holy scripture of Vachanamrut and Bapashri-ni-vato (discourses by Bapashri) were read by women devotees.

During various ceremonies and festivals, the activity called “Tula Vidhi” (weighing ritual) is performed to kindle the feeling of dedication in women. In this ritual, woman donate the ornaments worn by them to the God or they may donate form their personal savings.

SMVS organized such activities as under:

Sr. Date Place Event Tula(weighing)
1 07/05/1995 Vasna Ahmadabad Bapashri Mahotsav Weighing of Lord  Swaminarayan with gold and silver
2 06/01/2002 Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar. Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav Weighing of Harikrishna Maharaj with silver.
3 23/12/2005 Tirthdham Godhar dist: Panchmahal Tirthdham Godhar Consecration Ceremony Weighing of Harikrishna Maharaj with silver.
4 17/12/2006 Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar. Vachanamrut Mahotsav. Weighing of Harikrishna Maharaj with silver.
5 23/12/2006 Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar. Vachanamrut Mahotsav. Weighing of Bapashri-ni-vato (discourse by Bapashri) with silver.
6 16/02/2012 Vasna Rajat Utsav Weighing of Bapashri-ni-vato (discourse by Bapashri) with silver.

Nowadays in the extremities of kalyug, western culture eliminates the Indian culture. As against this western culture SMVS organization has started the tradition of “Divya Jeevan Pratha” i.e. tradition of divine life in which men and women pledge to live divine life to achieve the high aim of pleasing the god and there by dedicating flower in the form of their divine life at the lotus feet of the God. Over 3500 men and women out of which 1400 women have adopted this noble tradition and lead their life on the divine path.

In order to inculcate the ideals, doctrines and culture, philosophy and code of conduct of Swaminarayan sect, in the devotees, SMVS hold examinations called “Sanskar Sinchan”. In the syllabus of this examinations book published on various subjects pertaining to noble virtues are included. By means of these “Sanskar Sinchan” examinations everybody including children and elderly persons make spiritual progress in their life. By means of such various spiritual activities SMVS kindles spiritual self respect.

Different Shibirs organized between 1988 to 2011
SR Year Date Vanue Shibir Type
1 1988 18/05/1988 Shilaj Balika Shibir
2 20/05/1988 Shilaj Mahila Shibir
3 1989 10,11/05/1989 Shilaj Balika Shibir
4 12,13/05/1989 Shilaj Mahila Shibir
5 25,26/03/1989 Kamalapura Yuvak Mahila Shibir
6 1990 12,13/05/1990 Ahmedabad Mahila Shibir
7 1991 12/05/1991 Isanpur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
8 1992 16/05/1992 Gandhinagar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
9 23,24/05/1992 Nani Sarsan Yuvak Mahila Shibir
10 25,26/051992 Nani Sarsan Baal Balika Shibir
11 1993 7,8,9/05/1993 Mehmdavad Yuvak Mahila Shibir
12 10 to 6/05/1993 Mehmdavad Kishor Yuvati Shibir
13 1997 08/08/1997 Naroda Yuvak Mahila Shibir
14 24/08/1997 Chandlodiya Yuvak Mahila Shibir
15 08/09/1997 Vasna Yuvak Mahila Shibir
16 12/09/1997 Ghanshyamnagar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
17 1998 27/04/1998 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Mahila Shibir
18 6,7/06/1998 Panchmahal Yuvak Mahila Shibir
19 14/06/1998 Mehsana Yuvak Mahila Shibir
20 21/06/1998 Vasna Yuvak Mahila Shibir
21 08/06/1998 Vasna Mahila Shibir
22 09/07/1998 Bapunagar Mahila Shibir
23 11/07/1998 Isanpur Mahila Yuvati Shibir
24 1999 04/09/1999 Mehsana Yuvak Mahila Shibir
25 5,6/06/1999 Mehmdavad Yuvak Mahila Shibir
26 12,13/06/1999 Mehsana Yuvak Mahila Shibir
27 2000 08/01/2000 Ghodasar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
28 06/08/2000 Mehsana Yuvak Mahila Shibir
29 26/11/2000 Sangrila Farm Yuvati Shibir
30 17/12/2000 Panchmahal Yuvak Mahila Shibir
31 2001 15/04/2001 Kanakariya Hall Upasana Shibir
32 16/05/2001 Shree Rang Ashram Yuvak Mahila Shibir
33 22/05/2001 Mehmdavad Balika Shibir
34 28,29/05/2001 Mehmdavad Mahila Shibir
35 29,30/05/2001 Mehmdavad Yuvati Shibir
36 08/05/2001 Gopalpur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
37 09/05/2001 Kasodi Yuvak Mahila Shibir
38 10/05/2001 Godhar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
39 11/05/2001 Zalod Yuvak Mahila Shibir
40 07/09/2001 Timbla Yuvak Mahila Shibir
41 2002 6 To 8/07/2002 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Mahila Shibir
42 15/12/2002 Surendranagar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
43 21,22/12/2002 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Mahila Shibir
44 2003 05/01/2003 Panchmahal Yuvak Mahila Shibir
45 02/03/2003 Naroda Upasana Shibir
46 03/03/2003 Surendranagar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
47 09/03/2003 Malpur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
48 14/03/2003 Malpur Upasana Shibir
49 14/12/2003 Malpur Upasana Shibir
50 14/12/2003 Timbla Yuvak Mahila Shibir
51 14/12/2003 Surendranagar Yuvak Mahila Shibir
52 24/12/2003 Vijapur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
53 2004 11/01/2004 Vijapur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
54 12/01/2004 Mehsana Yuvak Mahila Shibir
55 10/05/2004 Vasna Gyan Shibir
56 19/05/2004 Malpur Upasna Shibir
57 25,26/05/2004 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
58 01/06/2004 Kalol Gyan Shibir
59 06/06/2004 Swaminarayan Dham Sanchalak Training Shibir
60 10/05/2004 Godhar Sanchalak Training Shibir
61 05/06/2004 Surendranagar Satsang Shibir
62 08/08/2004 Kalol Upasna Shibir
63 12/08/2004 Naroda Gyan Shibir
64 29/07/2004 Ghanshyamnagar Gyan Shibir
65 2005 17,18,19/05/2005 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
66 2006 28/04/2006 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
67 19,20,21/05/2006 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati Shibir
68 27,28,29/05/2006 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Mahila Shibir
69 19/12/2006 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
70 10/09/2006 Malpur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
71 14/09/2006 Mehsana Gyan Shibir
72 21/09/2006 Vijapur Gyan Shibir
73 2/10/2006 Kalol Gyan Shibir
74 16/08/2006 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Jeevan Shibir
75 2007 20/02/2007 Naroda Gyan Shibir
76 22/02/2007 Malpur Yuvak Mahila Shibir
77 24/02/2007 Mehsana Upasna Shibir
78 14/03/2007 Isanpur Divya Jeevan Shibir
79 22/02/2007 Isanpur Gyan Shibir
80 18/03/2007 Surat Yuvak Mahila Shibir
81 17/03/2007 Baroda Divya Jeevan Shibir
82 01/03/2007 Ghanshyamnagar Gyan Shibir
83 26/03/2007 Ghatlodiya Upasna Shibir
84 08/04/2007 Surendranagar Divya Jeevan Shibir
85 11/04/2007 Naroda Divya Jeevan Shibir
86 29/04/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
87 22,23/05/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Mahila Shibir
88 2 to 4/06/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Jeevan Shibir
89 25/12/2007 Santoor Farm Balika Shibir
90 15,16/04/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati Shibir
91 29 to 01/05/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati Shibir
92 5 to 6/05/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Balika Shibir
93 4,5/06/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati Shibir
94 25,26/05/2007 Swaminarayan Dham Sanchalak Training Shibir
95 2008 03 To 04/05/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Adarsh Bal Shibir
96 01 To 02/06/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Kishor - Yuvati Shibir
97 05 To 06/05/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Adarsh Balika Shibir
98 19/06/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Staff Shibir
99 4,5/06/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Yuvati Shibir
100 31/10 To 05/11/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Amrut Parv Shibir
101 15, 16/04/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir
102 29/09/2008 To 01/05/2008 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir(College)
103 28/09/2008 Vasna Upasna Shibir
104 21/12/2008 Ahmedabad - Mahesana Zone Divya Yuvati Shibir
105 2009 25, 26/04/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Adarsh Bal Shibir
106 25, 26/04/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Adarsh Balika Shibir
107 28, 29/04/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Staff Shibir
108 02/05/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
109 02/05/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Sanchalak Shibir
110 03/05/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvak Shibir
111 21/10/2009 To 25/10/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Gyansatra Shibir
112 19/11/2009 Vasna Vadil Shibir
113 27/11/2009 Vasna Vadil Shibir
114 January, February- 2009 P.Tyagi Mukto Balika Utkarsh Sabha – 1
115 03, 04/04/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Balika Shibir
116 22/04/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Balika Shibir
117 06/05/2009 To 08/05/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Balika Shibir
118 10/11/2009 To 12/05/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Balika Shibir
119 23/08/2009 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati Dabada Ujani
120 November, December- 2009 P.Tyagi Mukto Balika Utkarsh Sabha – 2
121 2010 14/03/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
122 11/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Vadil Shibir
123 12/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
124 13/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Sanchalak - Karyakar Shibir
125 13/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Kishor-Yuvak Shibir
126 14/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Kishor-Yuvak Shibir
127 15/05/2010 Panchmahal Zone Bal - Balika Shibir
128 07/05/2010 Mahesana Zone Vadil Shibir
129 08/05/2010 Mahesana Zone Yuvak Shibir
130 09/05/2010 Mahesana Zone Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
131 09/05/2010 Mahesana Zone Bal - Balika Shibir
132 29/05/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Sanchalak Shibir
133 29/05/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
134 30/05/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Yuvak Shibir
135 31/05/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Vahivati, Karbhari, Kothari, SPS  Shibir
136 01/06/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Meeting With Members Of AtmiyCommittee
137 02/06/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Bal - Balika Shibir
138 02/06/2010 Ahmedabad Zone Staff Shibir
139 01/07/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
140 20/03/2010 Vadodara Zone Vadil Shibir
141 21/03/2010 Vadodara Zone Yuvak Shibir
142 21/03/2010 Vadodara Zone Bal - Balika Shibir
143 22/03/2010 Vadodara Zone Staff Shibir
144 22/03/2010 Vadodara Zone Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
145 09/11/2010 To 13/11/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Gyansatra Shibir - 4
146 24, 25/03/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir
147 25/06/2010 To 27/06/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Balika Shibir
148 29, 30/04/2010 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir(College)
149 2011 13/05/2011 Mahesana Bal - Balika Shibir
150 14/05/2011 Mahesana Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
151 14/05/2011 Mahesana Vadil Shibir
152 15/05/2011 Mahesana Yuvak - Yvati Shibir
153 16/05/2011 Mahesana Sanchalak Shibir
154 01/06/2011 Panchmahal Yuvak - Yvati Shibir
155 02/06/2011 Panchmahal Karyakar-Sanchalak Shibir
156 03/06/2011 Panchmahal Divya Jivan Sevak Shibir
157 03/06/2011 Panchmahal Vadil Shibir
158 04/06/2011 Panchmahal Bal - Balika Shibir
159 29/10/2011 To 02/11/2011 Swaminarayan Dham Gyansatra Shibir - 5
160 11, 12/04/2011 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir
161 01/06/2011 To 04/06/2011 Swaminarayan Dham Selected Yuvati Shibir(College)
162 19/06/2011 Swaminarayan Dham Yuvati - vahu Dabada Ujani
163 July, August- 2011 Center Ayojan Balika Anandotsav
Upliftiment of Women  

The peculiar characteristic of the activities by women fellowship in SMVS organization is to kindle latent talents among women. For this purpose SMVS has launched various activities for uplift of women.

SMVS organizes various competitions such as vocal, music, elocution, speech etc. for the upliftment of women. These competitions nurture the wonderful talent and skills of the women.

During the cultural programs women get the rare opportunity to display their wonderful talent before the audience of thousands of women. SMVS woman ascetics and volunteers impart training to these women artist. People watching these cultural programs are often get amazed at the wonderful performance of the artists.

The girl child is like a blossoming bud. If her talent is nurtured from her childhood a graceful personality is shaped. SMVS has exceptional ability to hone the skill of such an artist.

Organizers and volunteers trained by SMVS and leading ideal and cultured life keep the wheel of all-round progress of girl child always in motion and contribute a great deal in shaping their life.

SMVS takes keen interest in the education of girls and teenagers. They are encouraged by various means to increase their interest in study and achieve ideal results. SMVS gives away gifts and scholarship to girl child and young students every year as an icon of blessing. Moreover girls and youth who pass the examination with flying colours are felicitated by awarding prizes. Then they relish the achievement of top position.

Latent talents of girls and teenager are brought to light by the activities organized at regular intervals such as sports events, excursion etc. Moreover shibir for girls, teenagers, women and Divya Jeevan Sevak are organized every year under the leadership of woman ascetics in which thousands of girls, teenagers and women take part in various competitions such as singing of devotional songs, quiz, debate, inspirational events and display their talent and proficiency and learn the lesson of living ideal life.

The list of shibirs organized till date and number of participants.

SMVS has outstanding status with regard to nurturing the art and skill of women for which variety of programs and functions are organized by women themselves from planning the programs to management of all service activities. Thousands of women take part in these programs and display their skill. Moreover they hone their skill by experience.

Women’s Volunteer Group  

In various activities set in motion by SMVS and during shibir, religious ceremony, Mahotsav thousands of volunteers trained by SMVS, provide honorary service. Among them women volunteers group also avails themselves of the opportunity to serve and become in charge of so many services or committee. Women volunteers are always eager to serve fore the sake of God and people, overlooking sleep, hunger, tiredness, and idleness etc.

Women volunteers join in the service of people considering the service to the society being the service to God, during the times of natural calamity like earthquake and such other adverse circumstances and come to the rescue of the people. Volunteers of SMVS are the source of successful management of religious ceremony samaiya, shibir, function, Gyansatra and Mahotsav organized by SMVS. More than 4500 ladies and gents volunteers make valuable contribution and avail themselves of the opportunity to serve. Woman volunteers contribute in large numbers in this regard.

In the year 1993, during the great grand celebration of “Bapashri Mahotsav” in Lunavada city of Panchmahal District cultural exhibition was organized, where youth and women volunteers made over 8000 women free from addiction. The contribution of women volunteers was tremendous. In the year 1995, during the celebration of “Bapashri Mahotsav” in Ahmadabad youth and women volunteers joined over 25 committees to serve over 3000 women availed of this opportunity to serve and made the celebration a grand success.

In the year 2001, 4350 volunteers, men and women took part in celebration of “Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav” in which men served in 78 committees and women served in 32 committees.

In the year 2006, 1800 youth and women volunteers served in 40 committees during celebration of “Vachanamrut Mahotsav” at Swaminarayan Dham in Gandhinagar and made valuable contribution in the grand success of the Mahotsav.

In the year 2001, women volunteers made valuable contribution in serving the people affected by the devastating earthquake selflessly and free of charge. Women volunteers made food packets and quilts and provided to the people affected by the earthquake.

Thus for the sake of satsang , society or country, whenever circumstances demands, women volunteers take proactive part with zeal and it will go on in future also.

Women convention and public exhibition  

Lord Swaminarayan held high ideals, culture and virtues in prime position fundamental to the establishment of this sect. This tradition established by the Lord Swaminarayan has been going on.

In order to continue this tradition set in motion by Lord Swaminarayan, even in this vicious circumstances, women convention, women’ day, girl’ day, and public exhibitions are organized as commanded by H.D.H. Bapji the founder of SMVS.

During these various women’ conventions youth and women of the present day are inspired to become an ideal house wife. To inculcate culture is the first step towards shaping of life. In view of this, women are inspired to lead purposeful life. To inculcate culture in the life of each woman as also in future generation given birth by them, various programs, activities such as speech, discourse, inspirational dramas are organized.

Spirituality is fundamental to lead cultured life. In the life of girls, teenagers and women who take part in spiritual activities organized by SMVS, values of daily prayer, satsang, spiritual reading, devotional songs and profound devotion to God etc. are culminated.

In these programs organized by SMVS under the leadership of Mahila Saints, entire society of women is spiritually empowered, so as to lead ideal and cultured life. Not only that women’ day and public exhibition are also organized at regular intervals in order to inspire the public at large to live ideal and cultured life.

Women’s convention and public exhibition
Sr. No. Date Days Events Place
1 23/12/1993 1 Bapashri Mahotsav Lunavada, Panchmahal
2 29/04/1995 1 Bapashri Mahotsav Vasna, Ahmedabad
3 03/05/1995 1 Bapashri Mahotsav Vasna, Ahmedabad
4 03/01/2002 1 Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar.
5 07/01/2002 1 Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar.
6 26/03/2004 1 Consecration Ceremony Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad.
7 23/12/2005 1 Consecration Ceremony Tirthdham Godhar, Panchmahal
8 19/12/2006 1 Vachanamrut Mahotsav Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar.
9 19/12/2006 1 Vachanamrut Mahotsav (Balika Sammelan) Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar.
Social activities  

SMVS organizes various programs and activities and thereby provide service not only in spiritual programs but also in social sector various programs are launched for the all-round progress of the tribal girls and women residing in hundreds of villages in Panchmahal district, Sabarkantha District, Kheda District etc. Woman ascetics travel through these area to de-addict the tribal women living life just as animals, and make them free from addiction of wine meat etc. These programs are meant to instill culture and satsang in the tribal people which was started in 1984. Since then life of over 25000 men and women has been transformed and revived, so much so that they have forsaken bows-arrows, spear and started chanting rosary in their hands.

SMVS Women Wing has been engaged continuously in transformation of the life of the millions of people in the right direction, who are addicted headlong in the present day vicious environment prone to addiction environments and thereby enlighten their lives in darkness.

Woman ascetics are engaged in de-addiction of people by lighting the torch of high ideals, by exhorting them to lead the life in their best interest as human being. Thus thousands of people have been released from the clutches of addiction by woman saints.

In the year 1994 campaign of “Service and Cleanliness” was launched for two days on 18-6-94 and 19-6-94, in which 350 women volunteers took part. These women volunteers campaigned for cleanliness in the V. S. Hospital, the L. G. Hospital, and The Shardaben Hospital etc. to please the God and to serve the people free of charge, selflessly with zeal and fervor leaving aside their ego, status, considering it to be their moral duty.

In the year 2001 during “Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav” from 17-5-2001 to 24-5-2001 “Balika Prarthana Saptah” (Girls prayer week) was organized for 8 days. The aim of this “Saptah” was to share the agony of citizens of nation and members of society considering them to be ones near relative, selflessly. According to the command of H.D.H. Bapji, over 300 girls formed different groups reached out to various hospitals with the benevolent intention to cure the patient suffering from various diseases or mitigate their suffering. They moved from bed to bed and prayed to the “Murti” of Lord Swaminarayan with throat chocked with emotion, to cure the patients of the diseases. During the eight days they prayed to Lord Swaminarayan to cure over 10,000 patients of their diseases.

During the devastating earthquake of 26th January 2001, the women volunteers of SMVS were engaged in providing untiring service to affected people. Their contribution in the service to the people rendered homeless was valuable. They provided to the people rendered homeless, with clothes to wear, quilt, blankets to cover their body and food to eat.

During the natural calamity like famine or flood, women volunteers render commendable service to the affected people. During such calamities women volunteers prepare thousand of food packets with zeal and enthusiasm.

In the year 2002, women volunteers of SMVS approached tribal women by moving from hut to hut in the villages of Panchmahal District, Sabarkantha District and Kheda District during their “Sanskar Yatra” (cultural tour) and they sowed the seeds of culture and satsang in the area. They inculcated culture in the people by contacting the women in 5675 houses, in 175 villages, in 140 groups, during the cultural tour.

Women volunteers trained under the direct leadership of woman ascetics, overlook their personal domestic duties and render service by moving from village to village for 10-15 days at time to empower women in the society with spirituality. The volunteers, who has joined in rendering such service has been awarded the title of “Nirmani Sevak”. In July 2000, “Atmiya Abhiyan” (Intimacy Campaign) was organized in order that each and every member in the home and family would live the life with intimacy to each other, and the waves of unity empathy, harmony and intimacy would spread in the society and nation as well. Over 700 men and women volunteers took part in it. During the “Atmiya Abhiyan” 2650 houses were contacted and thereby selfless endeavours were made to create environment of intimacy.

During the celebration of Swaminarayan Mahamantra Mahotsav from 1-6-2001 to 20-6-2001, Mahima Pheri was organized for 20 days, in which 825 enthusiastic kishor and kishori forming 412 groups contacted 27,900 houses and praised the transcendence of Lord Swaminarayan and thus endeavoured to transform the life of people on the right course.

SMVS fellowship of women, provide financial help for education of girls and youth of economically backward family and also provide medical aid to them at concessional rates.

In order to provide pure, food items prepared as per the commandments of Lord Swaminarayan maintaining piety and observing the code of conduct of five vows of house holder, devotees, women volunteers run “Bhakti Gruh Udhyog” activities of which are in full swing. Various food items are prepared under direct leadership of woman ascetics of SMVS as per the code of conduct of Swaminarayan sect taking utmost care of maintaining cleanliness, purity at all stages of preparation so as to observe the precepts of religions strictly in this regard. These food items reach out to each and every house of the satsangi. Owing to this selfless activity of women volunteers, devotees can lead their life according to the precepts of Lord Swaminarayan.

Woman ascetics also travel through many foreign countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Kuwait to inculcate Indian Culture and high spiritual value in the Indians living in foreign countries. Activities of women fellowship are also in full swing on foreign sail also. In foreign countries weekly satsang, sabha, girl-youth shibir, Yagna, Mahapooja and such other activities are going on continuously and vigorously.